Land & Partners

Creating special places to live and play

Our Company

We are a privately owned development company that promotes land to deliver sensitively designed housing led schemes within carefully created landscaped environments.

We believe that the planning and delivery of new homes should be a positive and inclusive process. This is why we take a different approach.

Our company understands the benefits of respecting the environment, engaging with the community and insisting on high quality design, tailored to the local context.

We have formulated a set of key principles that we apply to every new housing project.

Adopting this positive approach and working with the grain of the community, we receive more support for our projects and this reduces objections and uncertainty, for the benefit of all those involved in the development process.

The company has grown organically to a size that now handles around 3000 plots across 30 to 40 projects and this number is growing as the team expands.

We also fund projects that help vulnerable and homeless people rebuild their lives. Our goal is to progressively increase funding to these projects over time.

The Team

Our core team are all experts in the key disciplines of land economics, chartered surveying, town planning and engineering. The company handles many sizes of project ranging from small village schemes to larger urban extensions.

All members of the team are involved in every project, assembling and managing the wider group of experts and consultants that best fit every scheme, according to the particular circumstances.