Land & Partners

Promoting strategic housing land & building communities
by creating special places for people to live, work & play

Land & Partners is a privately owned development company with an exemplary track record of land promotion that has followed a family tradition that began over 50 years ago.

Our company understands the advantages of respecting the environment and insisting on high quality design, tailored to the local context.

We are known for our professional and engaging approach which allows us to minimise planning conflict and leave a positive legacy.

Details of our various schemes past and present can be found on our projects page.

We are inspired by the best ideas and practices which are featured in our Shaping Communities blog.

"We need more enlightened developers like this in the UK. They secured unanimous local support for their major housing scheme in our community of Winslow, Buckinghamshire. Their communication was exemplary and they showed a willingness to listen."
Roy van de Poll, Town Councillor, Winslow Town Council

"We were impressed with their skill and wisdom in steering a path to success and their deep knowledge and experience of the planning process."
Deborah Yoxall, Landowner, Worcestershire

"They have a very thorough and professional approach to solving problems."
Ken Holford, Landowner, Buckinghamshire

"They were a pleasure to work with and most importantly for us, they kept their promises and did what they said they would do. I am pleased to recommend them to other landowners and wish them every success."
Graham O'Dell, Landowner, Derbyshire

"We would never have achieved permission so early on without all the careful and sensitive preparations Jonathan and his team have put into this superb presentation. The patient diplomacy has borne good fruit."
Rev. J K Robertshaw

For more information please contact Jonathan Harbottle on 01494 728080

8 High Bois Lane, Amersham, Buckinghamshire HP6 6DG

Land & Partners Land & Partners Land & Partners Land & Partners
Land & Partners Land & Partners Land & Partners Land & Partners